Was incorporated in November 2017 as a sister Company to for the logistics management of all products and cargo Trucking | Air Cargo | Ocean Cargo, both Domisticly and Internationaly.  This allows us to better manage the logistics of all our cargo, from an independent group, that is solely dedicated to this task..  This division also allows us to further comply with USA Homeland Security rules that prefer a separation of merchant-business from shipping-business, especially when recognized as a ‘Known Shipper’ by IATA.

Ocean Freight Division, manages several classifications of cargo ranging from BreakBulk Cargo | FCL Cargo | LCL Cargo.  As well as has several shipping agreements with various Ocean Liners to facilitate the movement of cargo worldwide.

Air Cargo Division, manages several cargo classifications and at various levels ranging from ‘same-day delivery’, large or oversized cargo ‘Specialized Bulk Cargo’, and also ‘in-person courier deliveries’. Registered as a Known Shipper, we are guided by IATA, and are supported by a wide range of commercial/general-cargo airlines and their support staff to facilitate timely deliveries and support in customs-clearance worldwide.

GIEMS Express LLC, is also the division that supports the logistics for DgLifestyles of Building Materials | Decor Materials | Bulk Load Steel | Bulk Load Lumber | our LuX PreCreate Homes.

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