LuX PreCreate Homes

Welcome to our most anticipated — Product & Service Project — derived from the collaboration of all of our Building & Decor Manufactures the design appeal crafted from our network of over 4,000 Architects, Structural Engineers and Interior Designers — introducing the launch of our Lux PreCreate Homes™.

Of this collaboration, comes a Fleet of Homes Models, that are:-

  • Structurally engineered to comply with a variety of Building Codes depending on your region – ranging from the USA Miami Dale;  Caribbean and Central & South America Codes
  • Structurally crafted from the highest quality & most durable in Building Materials
  • Designed for Costal Hurricane Regions with a high degree of Salt-air content, and fitting that have a high resistance to rust
  • Thoughtfully Designed & Scaled by our network of Interior Designers & Architects to provide aesthetic appeal and ideal usage of space
  • Electronically engineered to accommodate multiple Alternate Power Solutions, and remain sustained while ‘off-grid’  during emergency situations
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